Time is the Issue

Time has always been my obsession. The lack of it. The overwhelming abundance of it.

When I was young there was too much time and I didn’t know what to do with it. That was frightening. Hours and hours of time and no ideas on how to enjoy them.

Then abundance turned into a constant lack and deprivation. I can’t spend too much time on this, I’ll be late for that. I need it fast. I don’t want to waste time. ASAP! No time to think. No time to stop and see where I’m going.

 So the time started to stop itself making me travel with it with the speed of light. My obsession went full circle. I learned to bend time. But only occasionally. When I finally get inside of a moment and stay there. Stay in the moment. Not chasing it. Just being there.

The project started with me wanting to show ways of wasting time. Then turned into self-reflections on my own relationship with it.

This in this category you can choose the works from the «Time is the Issue» project.

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