Paper Lords

The situation the whole world was in forced us to look at many things from a new perspective. The experience was painful but valuable. But you can only get a gain from your pain if you pause and take time to reflect on your actions, feelings, and thoughts. This project is a tribute to the lockdown wisdom, that each of us faced in a unique way.

We tried to imagine what the kids would do if they were locked down on their own in a situation similar to a pandemic version of "the Lord of the Flies" story. No parents, no rules, but not too much freedom either. So in our narrative, the kids make themselves the kings and queens of their lockdown home kingdom using paper and toys to create their symbols of power. Those symbols are fragile, they don't last long and are easily broken. But isn't it true for anything in life? Any habits, ways, things we get so much used to can disappear in a second. 

The works were created in collaboration with the stylist and paper artist Mila Kastari.

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