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Limited edition artwork on museum-quality Hahnemühle Bamboo FineArt Paper (290 gsm, 90% bamboo fibers, 10% cotton), signed and numbered on the front and on the back, embossed with an authenticity stamp, comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Story & Message:

It was the spot in the city that felt most like home. The perfect circle of the window made her feel protected. It always managed to induce a sense of wholeness. In the red brick building there were rehearsal rooms and concert halls that seemed to float in a world of their own. The soft melodies of violins and pianos gently suppressed the noise of cars, motorcycles and buses. She felt contained by the window, safe and sound in the perfect geometry of the circle.
Circle is a shape that can bear lots of universal and personal meanings.
It’s among the oldest of geometric symbols, and commonly represents unity, wholeness, and infinity. It is also sometimes called the most perfect of creative forms, without beginning or end, without sides or corners.
To me a circle is also something warm and cozy. It’s like a womb or home, where you feel safe.



  • 50x50cm (19.7 x 19.7 in.) - 1
  • 70x70cm (27.6 x 27.6 in.) - 8
  • 100x100cm (39.4 x 39.4 in.) - 5

All unframed prints have a 3cm (1.2 inch) border and are signed on the front and on the back.


The artwork is unframed and unmounted. If you would like to get advice on framing or get your print framed for you and delivered ready to hang to your door, please add the “Framing Assistance” service to your order.


Your print is professionally packaged by a fine-art printing studio with 40 years of experience and shipped by premium delivery services (UPS or DHL). Unframed prints are shipped wrapped in bubble wrap in a reinforced cardboard tube. Framed prints are shipped with protection in strong cardboard boxes. Your artwork will arrive at its new home safe and sound. 

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