Heights & Stairs: Process - limited edition artwork

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Limited edition artwork on museum-quality Hahnemühle Bamboo FineArt Paper (290 gsm, 90% bamboo fibers, 10% cotton), signed and numbered on the front and on the back, embossed with an authenticity stamp, comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Story & Message:

As short as it seems, one human life is enough time for us to try different versions of ourselves. The process can begin with a change in small and meaningless habits. Re-creating our daily routine impacts the way we think and act when it’s time to make a big decision. The greatest challenge in a person’s life is to find out who they are, to discover their true identity, and get the best of it. Being our best self possible is a gift to ourselves and the world around us.

From my project "Heights & Stairs"

We have something to say, something to show that we know is meaningful. But there’s no elevator to get up there. We have to take the stairs. With each step our view of the landscape is evolving.
It can sometimes feel like rolling a boulder up a hill. But it fills up our days with hope. The hope that what we have to say, and what we have to show will be heard.
It’s all part of the process, losing hope and regaining it, losing sight of the reason we do it all, only to see it appear with great clarity the next day. Height & Stairs explores notions of hope and meaning that drive us in our pursuit of fulfillment.

  • 50x50cm (19.7 x 19.7 in.) - 12
  • 70x70cm (27.6 x 27.6 in.) - 8
  • 100x100cm (39.4 x 39.4 in.) - 5
  • 120x120cm (42.1 x 42.1 in.) - 3

All unframed prints have a 3cm (1.2 inch) border and are signed on the front and on the back.
120x120 gallery-size prints take about 2-3 weeks to produce before being shipped.​


The artwork is unframed and unmounted. If you would like to get advice on framing or get your print framed for you and delivered ready to hang to your door, please add the “
Framing Assistance” service to your order.


Your print is professionally packaged by a fine-art printing studio with 40 years of experience and shipped by premium delivery services (UPS or DHL). Unframed prints are shipped wrapped in bubble wrap in a reinforced cardboard tube. Framed prints are shipped with protection in strong cardboard boxes. Your artwork will arrive at its new home safe and sound. 
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