Circus of Objects

Are you a juggler, clown, or perhaps a trapeze artist? All people play multiple roles in life. Those roles seem to be very important and we do our best to play them right. We juggle and balance between being a great professional, partner, parent, friend, trying to solve problems, predict the future and be on time everywhere. Often we get overwhelmed by trying to be the best at everything and feeling guilty for not achieving it everywhere. We get lost in worries and lose connection with the essential things in life. However, sometimes the solution is simple and it only takes a change of perspective. How often have you looked back at some difficult situation in your life and realized that it wasn’t worth all the worry? From a bigger perspective, all those mind-built problems are nothing but a bunch of tiny pins thrown on a table.

The project attempts to remind viewers that we are all performers in the circus of our own life. On another level, it shows that our brain builds meanings and perspectives can change easily. Ordinary everyday objects can become meaningful when placed next to another image. Are the popcorn boxes just boxes or do they become two boys? How do you see the pins after seeing the photo of the joggler or vice versa? The magic happens not only in the circus but in our minds. Every single day.

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