There’s a fashion in everything. Even in ideas being spread. We can catch some like viruses and be absolutely sure that we now found the truth and discovered our way in this world. We cling to the illusion that now we have it under control.


The project is exploring how beautiful ideas like human connection, self-love, visualization of dreams to make them come true, positive thinking, caring for the planet, and finding peace often get twisted in the minds of those who catch them like a virus without going too deep into understanding what’s really behind. The project is an attempt to speculate what happens when an idea is downgraded to a fashionable trend and becomes just another trait of the mass culture.


The name of the project was inspired by David Bowie’s album name “Plastic Soul”.

Almost all of my works are available as limited edition fine-art photography prints. See sizes and options available. If you don't find the one you like in the shop, please send me a direct request.

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