Plan for Magic

Simple step-by-step plan + worksheet on how you can get ready for a conceptual photoshoot and turn a crazy idea in your head into an actual photo

You’d love to create beautiful and surreal conceptual images, but are not quite sure how to and where to start from? Should you plan everything in advance or should you just go with the flow? Should you try to capture everything as it is or try to fix everything in post, so that it looks surreal but still believable? 


Here are the 3 options for step-by-step plans of how you can get ready for a conceptual photoshoot and transform your idea into an actual image. I’ve broken my exact process into small and simple actionable items. No theory, only practical tips that you can start using right away for preparing for your shoots. And not just conceptual: wedding, family, portrait or even interior ones as well. I've also included a handy planner worksheet that you can print out and use while getting ready for a particular shoot.

because your stories beg to be told and now you'll now how

What's included?

The Plan for Magic package includes:


 Practical .pdf e-book with simple step-by-step roadmaps on how to create a conceptual image from scratch. Inside:

  • 3 options for planing your work depending on your creative process
  1. Starting with a story or a topic
  2. Starting with a reference image
  3. Starting with a prop, a location, a face, a dress you want to build your future image around.
  • Dozens of helpful tips and tricks on how to choose the right people, clothes, colors, locations for your future images
  • Exercises on how to be inspired, and not end up bluntly copying someone else’s work.

Plan for Magic worksheet - a .pdf planner that you can print out and use for a more organized preparation process.

What happens after I order?

When you purchase the Plan for Magic in the web-store, you get an automatic email with a link to the page where you can download your Plan for Magic pack. Enjoy!


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