"Old" is the new "New"

surrealistic photography speculations on the future of fashion

a project by Dasha Pears and Anna Poleteli

The fashion industry will never be the same. The pandemic radically changed everything: the way people shop, behave, and think. Global brands stare into the abyss of the impending recession, many of them (such as Gucci, Armani, etc.) declare a new approach to creating collections, producing their goods and even announce entire fresh brand philosophies, focused on sustainability, ecology-conscious production, moderation, recycling and reuse of old materials and items. That’s crucial not only for the survival of businesses with decades-long histories, but also to serve the changing demands of the general public and fashion addicts.

What will the revitalized fashion industry look like? This project is our speculation on the possible options based on the Finnish fashion culture traditions, deep-rooted in love to mother-nature and huge respect for giving new lives to old items.

About the Authors



Dasha Pears is an award-winning Russian conceptual photographer, currently based in Helsinki, Finland. She started her photographic path in 2011. Since then her images have been exhibited in Russia, France, Poland, Austria, and Finland. Her work was also named among the winners of Best of Russia’15, had an honorable mention during Trierenberg Super Circuit 2017 and 2018 photography contests in Linz, Austria, and won a bronze medal during Prix de la Photographie Paris, 2018. Dasha’s photographs are used worldwide by companies like Trevillion, ArcAngel, plainpicture, and Millennium Images, and can be found on covers of books published in Europe, the United States, and South America.




Emerging photographer, filmmaker, and art director, with 8 years of experience working for the biggest movie production studios in Russia (Mosfilm, Lenfilm) and being a part of the production team for numerous feature films and TV series, Anna creates in the genres of fine art, concept art, and storytelling. Anna specializes in global art projects that reflect current global trends and how they affect the people who experience them.

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