Personal Artistic Style Bootcamp

for beginner photographers and established professionals who want to stop people-pleasing and start creating more authentic personal work

A practical, straight-to-the-point online course to help you get clarity about your direction in art

5 lessons. Real results.

"I knew immediately it was your work the moment I saw it!" Do you want to hear that every time you share something new? Imagine, if people could recognize your style in seconds, how much more professional your art would be and how much more successful your photography business would become among clients? What if your style could also reflect your true self and allow you to communicate your authentic message to the world? 


Having a personal artistic style is crucial in photography. But is it possible to discover your uniqueness and learn to express yourself in your own way after 5 short classes? No. Finding your style is a process that might take years for some of us. Style comes with mastery. 


Yet! This course will help you to understand ways to speed this process up, to focus on the direction you want to grow in, remove many mental obstacles and will set you on the right path to creating authentic work that reflects unique YOU and doesn’t resemble anyone else’s. 


Whatever photography type you are into, style is what defines you and makes your work stand out

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As a result of completing the course, you will


Define what YOUR uniqueness is about:

  • Get clear about what your artistic tastes and preferences are
  • Understand how to blend your personality, background, and experiences with things that inspire you in other people's photos
  • Learn to get the most of your inspirations without bluntly copying the work of others
  • Connect to your true purpose as an artist and discover what you want to communicate through your photography

Develop consistency in style:

  • Create your plan of action for standing out from the constantly growing competition
  • Focus on what's important for you without following the popular trends blindly
  • Learn to experiment to strengthen your style 

Get rid of mental blocks:

  • Let go of style cliches 
  • Overcome psychological obstacles that stop you from being your authentic self in photography
  • Gain confidence in your way of taking photos
  • Break the rules in a smart way

Who is it for?

This course will work perfectly for you if you’re:

  • At the beginning stage of your photography path and need practical guidance
  • An established photographer who wants to change your direction and create work that’s more personal and authentic



What’s included 

  • 5 pre-recorded Facebook live-lessons on discovering your personal style
  • Practical exercises that allow you to understand what YOUR personal style will look like
  • PDFs with assignments that you can use and come back to in time, when your personal style will be more distinguished;
  • Life-long access to all the course materials
  • Membership in a closed and vibrant community of like-minded people who are on the same journey of discovering their artistic style, where you can share your future works, exchange experiences and get practical tips from Dasha and other community members;
  • Discounts from Dasha’s partners

How is it organized?


The course is divided into 5 lessons, during which we’ll be diving into key and practical principles of finding an artistic style that will make your work stand out. Every lesson is ended with a practical assignment. You are welcome to make the schedule your own and watch all the lessons whenever it's convenient for you. 


All of the lessons were given in a live stream form in a private Facebook community. When you buy your course package, you'll get life-long access to them and all the course materials. 


When you order the course in the shop on this website, within 24 hours after getting an automatic order confirmation email, you get an email with a link to a closed Facebook community with all the course materials. 



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Preview of what we’ll be learning


lesson by lesson

Lesson 1: Understanding personal artistic style


What is a personal style in photography?

Why have a style?

Is it possible that you already have a style?

Lesson 2: What YOUR style should look like

Understanding your likes and dislikes in photography

Can a style be learnt from others?

Should you follow popular trends or not

Lesson 3: How to create authentic work that’s different from the rest

Understanding what is important to you in life

Getting on the path to creating meaningful work

How can you reflect your views and values through your photos

Lesson 4: How to be consistent with a style 

Practical experimentation with different styles

How long does it take to develop a style

Speeding up your style discovery

Lesson 5: Evolution of your personal style

Getting over “style stereotypes”

How not to get caught in the “personal style” trap

Pushing yourself out of a style “comfort zone”


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Friquently Asked Questions

Will I have a personal style after finishing the course?


As much as I would love to say “yes”, I can’t promise you that.  Developing a personal style is a process and is individual to each and every one of us. However, this course will give you all the practical tools which will set you on the right path and will save you time discovering those techniques yourself on digging them out from the minds of masters who have already established their styles. The best thing is that you can come back to these tools and exercises along your journey and do them again to regain clarity if you lose it over time.

I’m an established photographer. Is this a good course for me?

Does your photography feel like a job, which you don’t always enjoy? Then you’re in the right place! Even when you gained mastery at your craft, sometimes you can get stuck not knowing in which direction of photography you want to grow. Most often it happens, when you did a lot of work for clients and followed only their requirements, but somewhere on that way you lost what was important for yourself. This course will help you to regain that clarity. It will give you the tools to understand what it is that YOU really want to create, as well as help you rediscover your love for photography, which in turn will get you better clients and more satisfaction in your commercial projects. 

I’m not a photographer, is this course for me?

Yes! In fact, many of my other courses and workshops students come from other areas of visual art (illustration, painting, digital art, and design, etc.) Though the course materials are focused on practical steps for photographers, even if you’re in a different sphere of arts you can apply the same principles and do the same practical exercises but adjust it to your area. 

How long will I have access to the course materials?

You’ll have life-time access to the private Facebook online community with all the video materials so that you can revisit it as often as you like.


Does my location matter?

Not at all! My online courses have students from all the time zones (from Santiago, Chillie, too many places in the US, the UK, Europe,  Asia, and Australia). 

What is the schedule?

It's totally up to you when you want and can take a deep dive into the course materials.

Is the course interactive? 

When you get access to the Facebook group you'll get an opportunity to connect with the previous course students and me of course. You're very welcome to post your questions in the private group or send them over to my email: 

Will I get feedback on my assignments? 

In this discounted version of the course, there's no direct opportunity for me to give feedback to all of the students. 

What is so special about the course in comparison with all the free content out there?

Before launching this course, I made a research on the topic and what I found was that there are dozens of free youtube videos and blog posts on this topic. Which is amazing! However, none of them represents a complete guide on discovering a personal style with a set of practical tools of how to do it. Therefore, most of us are still in the dark of how does an artist actually gets there? Often, even photographers who have very distinctive personal artistic styles themselves can’t explain how they got it.


I’m all about practicality even when it comes to such vague and abstract things as an artistic style. That’s why I’ve collected things that worked for me and were tested by other photographers so that your quest for a personal style is simplified.


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