Don’t Wait for Inspiration with Patty Maher

In this episode, I’m talking to Patty Maher, an internationally recognized conceptual photographer from Canada. Patty’s unique style faceless portraits of women were featured on multiple immensely popular art portals and received several prestigious photography awards. Among them Tokyo International Foto Awards, Moscow International Foto Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, and many many others. Patty’s work is represented by several galleries in different countries of the world. And she has accomplished all that not even being a full-time artist! In our conversation, Patty shares what helped her to find her unique personal style, what you should do to get a gallery to represent you and if talent is important in a creative life. I hope you’ll enjoy this interview as much as I did! It has lots of wisdom and practical knowledge about being an artist in today’s world.

Show notes

Things we talked about:


  • Is talent important in an artist’s career?
  • How to get represented by a gallery
  • How 365 projects can help you grow fast as an artist
  • How Patty recognized her unique style
  • Should you become a full-time artist? Or can you combine creating art with a day job?


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