It's All about the Perception with Ronny Garcia

In this episode, I’m talking to Ronny Garcia, a conceptual portrait photographer from Chile. Ronny is known to over 100k people on Instagram for his fantasy-like portraits. He has a unique editing style that draws thousands of people to his art. However, it was completely different, when he just picked up his camera 6 years ago, trying to deal with a painful breakup. Listen to Ronny’s story to learn how art can help you heal, why paying attention to color is crucial in photography and how daily art projects can help you grow.

Show Notes

Things we talked about:


  • Getting to know yourself better through your art
  • Why understanding color is important
  • Marketing your art
  • What to remember when you shoot for clients
  • Why you should never stop learning




Ronny’s Instagram

Ronny’s website

Alex Stoddard, inspires Ronny

Ronny’s self-portrait with red mark

Alessio Albi, Ronny’s inspiration

Anka Zhuravleva, inspires Ronny

Oleg Oprisco, inspires Ronny

Pavel Kosenko's book "LIFELIKE"

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