Episode 4-Blending arts instead of choosing between them with Helga Stenzel-@made_by_helga  

In this episode, I’ll be talking to Helga Stenzel, a mixed media visual artist from London. She works across a wide range of media including illustration, photography, video, and animation. Helga started out as an Art Director in the advertising industry. There she learned the basics of branding, marketing, and strategic thinking. This set of skills is now helping her to create engaging content for some of the most popular accounts on social media. In our talk, Helga shares the challenges that she faced, when she just graduated from college, ups and downs of her own small business and the details of her creative process.

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • Does graduation from a prestigious arts college guarantee you a great career start?
  • How to choose your media, if you like them all? Do you even have to choose?
  • Helga’s creative process: from inspiration and ideas to a final work
  • Working on personal projects VS working for clients
  • Why gratitude is important for artists
  • How you can impact others with your work and does your art have to have meaning at all?



Helga’s Instagram

Helga’s website

The “boy” video

“Selfie” with a laundry basket

Helga’s first business - gloves


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