Why You Should Tell Stories In and About Your Photography with Simon McCheung

Today’s guest’s art is an excellent example of how one person can make an impact with photos. Simon McCheung is an award-winning and well-selling conceptual photographer and a passionate gamer, who through a bit of playfulness, a bit of mystery, and a lot of visual effects tell stories about things that are important in his life. We discuss why no story or topic in your art is insignificant, why you should be open to real conversations with your viewers, and what’s the most important thing, if you want your work to sell


Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • Transitioning from an irrelevant career into photography
  • How personal background and interests influence your style
  • Using filmmaking techniques to elevate still photography
  • Taking conceptual inspirations from video games and films
  • How experimentation enables your artistic style to evolve
  • Using photography in activism
  • Simon’s artwork: “An Underwater Spell”
  • Tips on taking great self-portraits
  • Communicating personal messages to the audience effectively through your art
  • Advice on working with art fairs & buyers, and making a living as an artist 
  • Making use of online galleries and exhibition in the pandemic
  • How to genuinely market/ sell your work



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An Underwater Spell - Simon McCheung




Rosie Hardy





Freddie Wong

Georges Méliès




Jason and the Argonauts

Star Wars



Video games:


Silent Hill


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Saatchi Gallery​

Runway Gallery




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