How to Create a Portrait with a Story with Laura Sheridan

In this episode I want to dive into a topic that interests all portrait photographers: how can you turn a simple portrait into a whole story about your subject. Real or imaginary, happy or sad, those visual stories are exactly what captivate viewers in great portraits, do you agree? My guest today is Laura Sheridan, a master visual storytelling, who magically turns her subjects into fantasy heroes or characters from horror movie scenes. Laura shares how a story can be translated through poses, light, details that you see in the photo. But most importantly how the stories that you tell with your work can empower other people and transform their views and opinions. Enjoy!

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • the power of stories that you create consciously or subconsciously
  • helping people accept themselves through their portraits
  • shooting fine art for clients
  • breaking social stereotypes without losing your style
  • taking responsibility for the message you’re sending
  • exploring dark and horror-related themes in photos
  • learning from cinematography
  • posing your model to make the story more compelling
  • why it’s wise not to be inspired by other photographers
  • is copying acceptable in photography?




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Idda van Munster


Great book on posing by Lindsay Adler: The Photographer’s Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone



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