Be Yourself in Your Art with Kristina Varaksina

Today I sit down with a successful fine art and fashion photographer, Kristina Varaksina to discuss the topic that so many of you are so passionate about. How do we go beyond simply beautiful pictures and produce truly impactful work? The work that will not just communicate our point of view and values, but could also have an influence on others? How can we expand the aesthetic component and join it with thoughts and feelings? This inspiring conversation will give you tips and I’m sure will bring a few aha moments.

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • how to create meaningful photos with a message
  • can fashion be meaningful
  • why being personal is important and is not self-entered
  • why the lack of interesting props or models should never stop you from creating
  • why staged photography is not fake and can have a documentary aspect to it
  • finding topics that are meaningful to you
  • how to get the right emotion from a model




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