Inspire Others With Your Art with Lilya Corneli

In this episode, I’d like to introduce you to an artist on a mission. Her mission is to help people see their own beauty, gain self-confidence, and eventually inspire others. Lilya Corneli is an internationally acclaimed fine-art photographer and the creator of the to be a muse project, in which she and her team turn ordinary people into muses from paintings of the great masters of the past. In this conversation, we discuss Lilya’s journey from an economist and a stay at home mom to an influential creator putting together shows for the major museums in Vienna. Also, we touch upon topics like staying creative in the lowest moments of your life, secrets of working with non-professional models, and the importance of constantly challenging yourself. You’re in for a treat! Enjoy!

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • importance of finding your own story
  • changing countries and finding yourself
  • shooting self-portraits vs working with models
  • teaching yourself to photograph and understand art
  • working in creative teams
  • working with non-models
  • being inspired by little things in life
  • helpful and practical exercises for keeping yourself creative
  • how keeping an art diary can be a game-changer



Lilya's Instagram

To Be a Muse Project website

To Be a Muse Project Instagram

Emil Schildt, Danish photographer

Emil’s book Kill Your Darlings 

Christian Harkness, American photographer

Christian’s Photo Blog 

Gustav klimt, Austrian painter (from Vienna) 

Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter 

Egon Schiele, Austrian painter 

Henri Matisse, French artist 

Mikhail Vrubel, Russian artist and his painting Swan Princess

Richard Prince, American artist 



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