Create What Matters for You with Gabriel Isak

This episode is the last one this year and is very special. Today’s guest is a Swedish photographer I was stalking for years for his clear, minimalistic and unique style of creating deeply emotional images. And let me tell you those emotions don’t come from nowhere. After fighting depression for over 7 long years, Gabriel finally found himself in conceptual photography art and now is on a mission of helping others to deal with their mental health through his work. In our conversation we discussed the main first steps to finding a personal style in photography and creating authentic work, how creative practices can help you heal and why well-being is essential for your productivity as an artist.

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • How opening up creativity helps battle depression
  • What is self-marketing has to do with developing own style 
  • Where and how to work on your unique style
  • Artist's toolbox - what this is and where it is coming from
  • How to navigate your way in visual arts
  • Inspiration through curiosity and asking questions 



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