Create Art that Engages with Justin Dingwell

When today’s guest just graduated from college and wanted to find a job as a photographer for a magazine, he sent 50 emails per week to any fashion editor, stylist, journalist or columnist he could find an email address for! And he did it for 3 months in a row! This is the level of persistence we all should be aiming at. It it payed off! Today, Justin Dingwall is an internationally acclaimed artist who shot for numerous top brands as a fashion photographer and whose fine art works are exhibited in galleries and museums all over the world, including my very favorite Guggenheim museum! In this interview we talk about trusting your creative intuition, how inspiration works and if you should pay attention to feedback. Today’s episode will blow your mind, I promise. Enjoy!

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • How persistence opens up opportunities
  • Is there anything new in art?
  • Social media as a globalizing factor for art industry
  • Physical art matters or why one should go to exhibitions
  • How to be engaged with everything 
  • Importance of taking critic in a healthy way



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