Self-care is Essential to Sustain your Creativity with Gosia

Today’s guest, Gosia, is an amazing sculptor from Canada, whose work have been exhibited all over the world, won a number of prestigious art competitions and found home in many private collections. But she couldn’t predict that would happen when she just started to draw as child. For years she thought that she wasn’t even good at arts! Although she was never satisfied with results, she enjoyed the process of creating and never gave it up, a lesson we should all learn from her! Listen to the whole story of how Gosia established herself as a successful artist, why she thinks that and what should be your practical first steps for making a living from your art. Enjoy!

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • Why one shouldn't overthink theirs art
  • Curiosity as a driving force of a creative process
  • How to balance sadness and joy in art
  • Self-care 101: walks and meditation
  • How to make a switch from 'normal' job into professional art
  • Importance of exposing your art to the world



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