Create honest art with Valentina Loffredo

Today, I have a question for you. Can an instagrammer snapping shots just for fun become an internationally recognized photographer with exhibitions in multiple countries? The answer is YES! And today’s guest is a living proof of it. Valentina Loffredo, also known as @thatsval on Instaram, is a mother of two, who started her Instagram account 6 years ago as a way to find some free time from her busy family life. Her little hobby experiment quickly brought her international acclaim and now she no longer views herself as an ordinary Instagrammer, but as a full-fledged conceptual and fine art photographer, planning the opening of her next solo exhibition in Italy and the publication of her new photography book soon after.
We talk about why art should be honest, how to talk to portfolio reviewers and why it’s important to watch TED talks.

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • An importance of constantly trying new things
  • How to mix and balance art and family life
  • Interdisciplinary approach to art: photography and sculpture 
  • What to expect from art fairs and festivals
  • How to avoid negative influence from social media



Matt Cutts TED talk on trying something new 


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