Find your style inside, not outside with Anna Devis (@anniset) and Daniel Rueda (@drcuerda)

In this episode, I’ll be talking to @anniset (Anna Devis) and @druerda (Daniel Rueda) an amazing and hugely Instagram famous couple. Anna and Daniel shoot “creativity-driven minimalistic architectural self-portraits” as they call their works and blow minds of thousands of people by the simplicity, originality, and positivity of their photos. In this interview, we talk about how perfectionism gets you nowhere, where you should search for your personal style, what to do when you don’t have ideas for your art. Anna and Daniel share how they get ready for each shoot and what they learned from working with clients like Netflix and Facebook. I promise you’ll get lots of valuable insights from this talk!

Show Notes

Things we talked about:


  • Why you should start a 365 project
  • The truth about perfectionism
  • Anna & Daniel’s creative process and how they work with clients
  • How they found their style and you can find yours
  • Why it’s important to print your work
  • Where you should search for inspiration in order to create unique work
  • Why telling stories is crucial in photography and any other type of art




Anna's Instagram - @anniset

Daniel's Instagram - @drcuerda

Daniel’s website

In the interview, Anna and Daniel mentioned:

Rodney Smith’s books

French illustrator Jean Jullien


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