Don’t be afraid to try with Petra Barkhof

Today I have a very special guest for you. First of all because she’s not a photographer, but worked with photographers for over 30 years, in magazines like Vogue and Elle. Petra Barkhof is a stylist and deputy editor in one of the most celebrated kids fashion magazines - KIDSWEAR. She is also the founder of the new and awesome Scimparello magazine. We talk about how a photographer should approach editors, if he or she wants to see her work published, what is the best way to find the right people to pitch your portfolio to and how kids’ fashion photography industry is different from adult fashion. Please enjoy and make notes!

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • What are the qualities of a modern successful fashion media specialist? 
  • How do you approach high-end magazines like Vogue?
  • What is the difference between printed and online magazine? Is paper dead? 
  • What is specifics of shooting kids and babies for fashion? 
  • Where to get inspiration for fashion photography and to develop an idea all the way to ready photographs.



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