My Inspiration in Action podcast is now live!

I’m so happy to share with you that I have created a new podcast series where I’ll have the collection of my Instagram Live interviews with the artists that inspire me the most so that you too can be inspired!


There are so many photographers and illustrators and digital artists on Instagram, but there are only a few that share their creative process with the community.  However, this is exactly what people want to know: how to create those wonderful images, what is going on in the artist’s head and how the shooting/making process is organized. Besides that, I raise such topics as how to monetize your passion, marketing for creatives, how and where get new clients, how to create authentic art in the world overflowing with information, how to never lose your inspiration and so on.


That's why I started a series of Instagram live interviews that aim at unlocking my favorite artists’ minds. I wanted to learn about how they found their style and gained success and mastery and share it with you so that you could use all of this precious info for your artistic growth and creative projects.


Episode 1, in which I talk to Ted Chin, an amazing digital artist, widely known as @eye.c on Instagram, is already online for you to listen. In Episode 2, I’m talking to an incredibly talented and hugely Instagram famous couple Anna Devís (@anniset) and Daniel Rueda (@drcuerda). I really hope you enjoy the podcast and get valuable nuggets of information from them.


More interviews are coming soon! You can either catch them live on my Instagram feed or they’ll be here for you to listen at your leisure. Coming up as podcasts interviews with Anka ZhuravlevaPatty MaherHelga StentzelJovana Rikalo, Diane Villadsen, Ronny Garcia and others! 


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