How to make people notice your work in the overflow of visual information?

Recently on my Instagram, I get more and more comments like “awesome photo! go check out my pics, I’m sure you’ll like them”. Sounds familiar? And sure, I get it, people do want to attract attention to their pics and drive followers to their accounts, but in order to be effective, it should be done in a more subtle and more personal way. That’s why below I’ve come up with a few tips on how to have more people interacting with your content organically.

  • give people a reason to follow you: at least one. seems like a no brainer, but honestly, have you asked yourself the questions
  • do outstanding work! seriously, it’s that simple! create images that are worth looking at! follow your creative instincts and not popular trends. I know, it’s a whole big topic by itself, and I have collected material for a whole 10-week course on that, but in short it sounds like this - if your visual is outstanding, people will come and react positively to it.
  • be consistent and show up for those who already actively decided to follow you. Appreciate them and don’t simply run for faceless numbers of your future followers.
  • do interact with people, but in a meaningful way
  • You have to establish and build that connection first, and only then hope that you’ll get something in return. it’s like in any relationship, you need to give something first in order to get something in return. And I know it’s hard! There are sooo many people who have to follow you and there’s only one you, right? but well, no one promised you easy :) 

The list can go on and on! :)) Do you want me to do a live stream on this topic? Is it worth talking more about?

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